Debunking 3 Common Misconceptions About Bathtub Refinishing.

Have you ever thought about having an absolutely smooth bathtub refinishing? This option is such a great way to kick your bathroom fixture up a notch! Not only will you have an aesthetically appealing and sparkling bright bathtub, but you’ll also have a comfortable and cozy soak in your tub. 

Unfortunately, some households don’t consider getting such an option. They think it’s much better to invest in a new one than getting an old one reglazed, because of some common misconceptions circulating around.

Before you listen to what others have to say and believe them by heart, here are three common myths about a bathtub refinishing that we will debunk:

Myth 1: “It’s very costly”

Some homeowners tend to think that a bathtub refinishing is such an expensive route to take. Given that the tub is a bit old, they may prefer to replace it with a new one. However, think about the costs of purchasing a new model, removing the old tub, and installing a new one. You’ll definitely have to shell out a huge amount of money for the tub purchase and the labor cost, which is much more compared to a refinishing service.

The truth: It’s affordable to get your existing tub reglazed. It won’t hurt your pocket as you’ll have to pay for less extensive labor and less costly materials used. Yet the quality of your refinished tub won’t be compromised as long as you work with a highly reputable company.

Myth 2: “It uses toxic materials”

Some homeowners refuse to have a bathtub refinishing as they think that the chemicals used for reglazing are toxic and harmful to the health of their household members. Many tend to assume that it’s easy for everyone instead to inhale these and end up having respiratory problems. Logically, you just need to stay away from the actual work and let the experts work on your tub. 

The truth: The materials used aren’t necessarily harmful because most home remodeling companies use those that meet safety standards. They even resort to proper measures when doing the work by using safety gear and advise homeowners to stay away from the working site. Also, with proper ventilation, that won’t be a problem at all. As long as you get the materials from a reliable supplier and hire a reputable installer, then you won’t have health problems at all.

Myth 3: “It’s time-consuming”

Some homeowners think it takes a few days or weeks to have a bathtub refinishing service. They are worried about their day-to-day activities that will be disrupted. 

The truth: The completion of a bathtub refinishing takes not more than eight hours on an average. Sure, some high-quality coatings may take 48 to 72 hours for high-end services and luxury homes. Yet, that never lasts for a week! Despite quick and easy installation, you can expect that your refinished tub will last for as long as possible.


At this point, you now know that the three common assumptions about bathtub refinishing you’ve heard about are just misconceptions. This tub service is affordable, doesn’t use harmful chemicals, and is very quick to install. If you’re a homeowner looking to restore the aesthetics and functionality of your existing tub, refinishing is such a cost-effective approach that you will never regret!

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