Bath Refinishing.

The Smart alternative to make your old Bathtub look brand new again.

Imagine having to be without a bathtub for a week or even longer! The entire bathtub replacement process can be expensive, messy and time consuming. Along with various costs attached to the process there is manual labor to consider during the replacement as well as the clean up of caulk, Tiles and flooring as a result of the Tub replacement.

Our Experts require just 3-5 hours and promise to repair chips, deep stains and cracks, surface restoration of tubs, showers or tiles and guarantee shiny new results. The best part is no inconvenience, no mess, just pristine results.

We pride ourselves on our speciality refinishing and guarantee the following:

  • Flat rate (no hidden costs)
  • 5 year warranty
  • Flexible Scheduling process
  • Proprietary method

Is the final result as good as the original?

Our process is professional and specific to us. In order to retain the original look and feel of your tub we use Premium Acrylic Urethane and Adhesive Coating that directly bonds with the tub. Most of our customers can’t tell the difference between refinished tubs and a brand new one!

Color Me Tub!

Fancy a new look tub or tiles without going through the replacement process? Our refinishing process also allows us to match almost any color you require. Our premium materials with flakes is just one of our methods to give the finished result a truly unique look. The color change helps to repair cracks and worn out areas, marks and general wear and tear.