Bathtub Refinishing.

The smart alternative to make your old or ugly bathtub look like new again.

Has your bathtub lost its glamour? Is your bathtub stained, chipped, scratched, tough to maintain or faded? A bathtub replacement used to be a viable option – but not anymore!

The old heirloom can be repaired, refinished, resurfaced, recolored and restored onsite within a few hours – no fixture removal required! Reglazing bathtubs is infinitely better than the wear and tear of replacement procedures, and comes without the large cost of buying a new bathtub. You really don’t want to tax your nerves with such serious renovations. Just think about it: a brand new tub within the fraction of the price and time!

Bathtubs we can refinish

Everglaze Coatings is equipped to reglaze all types of bathtubs – from cast iron to porcelain finishes, and even the new fiberglass gel coat tubs! We’ve also got the right expertise for that antique claw foot tub you’ve been waiting to renovate! Bathtub reglazing is a rapid process with minimal stress for homeowners and commercial property dealers. You’ll love the new finish!

  • Porcelain
  • Fiberglass
  • Acrylic
  • Cultured Marble
  • Clawfoot Tubs
  • Bathtub Chip Repair

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to refinish a bathtub?

A standard size bathtub, in reasonable condition, takes only 3 to 5 hours to refinish. The tub will typically be ready to use within 24 hours, or even sooner with special curing procedures.

How does refinishing compare to replacement costs?

Refinishing costs will almost always be a fraction of the total cost of replacing a bathtub or ceramic tile surround. Replacing a bathtub and surround can easily cost $3000 or more when you consider the cost of removal, plumbing, setting new tile, etc. Refinishing can often save you up to 75% compared to the cost of replacement!

Is there a warranty?

Everglaze Coatings offers a five-year warranty against peeling or other failure of adhesion for bathtubs, wall tile, and fiberglass.

How does refinishing compare to bathtub liners?

Bathtub liners are plastic covers that are fitted over old or damaged bathtubs. Their cost is at least twice as expensive as Everglaze Coatings refinishing and can take up to 3 to 4 weeks from ordering to installation. Liners can leak and create mold problems.

Can Everglaze Coatings fix chips, scratches and cracks?

Small chips and cracks can usually be repaired during the preparation stage of the refinishing process. If it is just a single chip, we can often fill and refinish just the damaged area. With careful color matching, the repaired chip will be practically invisible.