Why Everglaze Coatings is the Best Refinishing Service in Baltimore, Maryland.

The Best Tile Refinishing in Baltimore, Maryland

The love of bathtubs is centuries old, and to date, new homes are also being fitted with bathtubs. Despite the durability of a bathtub, it’s very prone to wear and tear and deterioration. Bathtubs can incur problems like leaks, breakage, cracks, stains and even loss of color, and real estate agents and homeowners know just important the upkeep of bathroom fixtures is!

Luckily, Everglaze Coatings has the solution. Offering the best prices and quality finishing, this Baltimore, Maryland, refinishing service can eliminate all bathtub stains, scratches, mould and reverse the loss of quality. Here are some great services they’re famous for:

Bathtub Repair: Bathtubs can become prone to cracks and dents in their structure after some time. Using the highest quality fillers, materials and equipment, Everglaze Coatings knows just how to return your bathtub to its original quality with no proof of cracks in the first place!

Bathtub Painting: Painting a bathtub is one of the most inexpensive ways of renewing and refreshing an old surface. The results of bathtub painting are not as long lasting as compared to bathtub refinishing, but if you need a quick fix and your bathtub is in relatively good shape, Everglaze Coatings uses high quality paints to ensure a great looking bathtub!

Bathtub Reglazing: Bathtub reglazing is one of the most popular options to renew fixtures. It can turn a dull and unusable bathtub into a brand new and hygienic one! In fact, Everglaze Coatings has one of the most popular bathtub reglazing services in Baltimore, Maryland. Using the best quality materials, our attentive professionals produce a brand new looking tub within a day’s time and with minimal mess! You’re left with a high-quality, renewed surface for just a small price!