What Areas of a Home Can Be Refinished.

Giving your home a makeover is a great idea. With refinished surfaces like glossy countertops and smooth sinks, your home will get a new lease on life. For the year to come, hire a professional to reglaze and refinish your home for a brand new look!

If you’re looking to put your house up on the real estate market or want to make some new renovations with the end-of-the-year bonus, we’ve got information to help guide your expenditure. Before you begin, look up your local home and construction regulations. When you have the green signal, here’s how Everglaze Coatings can help you get started! We have a fully trained and experienced team and can work with any surface, ranging from parceling, ceramic and gout to metal, plastics and even formica.

Kitchen and Bathroom Refinishing

The most wear and tear happens to fixtures in the kitchen and bathroom. You can opt for major replacements, like installing new cabinets, drawers, and even replacing sinks and faucets. But are you aware of how time-consuming and pricey the process can be? Even if you simply hate the way your countertops look, our team at Everglaze can change its look entirely!

It’s important to keep your bathrooms and kitchen as comfortable as you can. You can opt for big replacements like bathtub replacement, but the pricey procedure can cause a lot of mess. Replacing fixtures requires contractors to tear down parts of the walls, and not to mention the hidden costs of fixing up the disrupted plumbing and cleaning up of the debris.

With reglazing services by Everglaze, your kitchen and bathroom will be looking brand new within a day’s worth of time and your fixtures will be fortified with the best material to make them resilient to future damage like dust, mold, chips, and cracks.

Floor Refinishing

Floors can become worn out from constant use, especially on the stairs, in the bathroom and various other rooms in the house. Or you may just not be fond of the old hardwood anymore. Whether you choose to change your floor’s old color, material or look, our experts at Everglaze quote the best prices for floor renovation.

Tiled walls and floors are very prone to tarnish, especially in the bathroom where there is a lot of moisture. Black gunk, caked dust, and discoloration are just some of the issues to begin with. And broken or chipped tiles can be really off-putting. Before you think of getting them replaced, consider reglazing services by Everglaze. Not only do we use the best materials to restore vitality and color, but our professionals also know how to reglaze the surface to make it look brand new and damage proof.

Refinishing your tiles is a much better investment, and you’re left with a clean and shiny premise to use!

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