The Dangers of DIY Bathtub Refinishing.

Bathtub Refinishing is a great way to extend your fixture’s longevity and is definitely cheaper than bathtub replacement.

It’s a great way to save money, time and all the hassle of getting involved with a messy installation process! Although really tempting, not all DIY home projects should be pursued, especially DIY Bathtub Refinishing. In fact, it’s a job for the professionals – after all, they’re the ones with the training!

One of the biggest problems with DIY Bathtub Refinishing is that a DIY project lacks the proper tools and equipment needed to prepare the surface. A conventional brush or roller and usual household chemicals are not good enough to smoothen and prepare the tub. In fact, the chemicals used to strip away the old surface are quite dangerous and require careful, professional handling, otherwise, other fixtures like tiles or walls can become damaged. Their fumes are also really harmful if correct precautions are not taken – which comes with training.

An alarming research from The Centers for Disease Control reported at least 14 deaths from chemicals used in DIY Bathtub Refinishing projects since 2000. Methylene Chloride is one of the main chemicals used and the vapors can kill if not handled properly, especially in closed spaces like homes and bathrooms.

Our experts at Everglaze suggest hiring professionals to take on the task for you. Our services are cheap and our finished product is as good as new, durable and good to use within just a day! Our team of highly trained professionals knows just how hazardous DIY Bathtub Refinishing can be, and that’s why we’ve kept our prices nominal and offer a long warranty! Get in touch to get a free estimate for your bathtub!