The Bathtub Refinishing Process: What You Can Expect.

Are you tired of using the same old, cracked, and stained bathtub? As an expensive investment, you might have wanted it to last you a few more decades, at least! But, sadly the reality is quite far. Relaxing in a nice, bathtub is an offer no one can refuse, especially after a long day at work.   

However, those stubborn discolored marks, worn off messy paint, and rough edges are making your bathtub look like one from a horror movie. If you think it’s high time for your tub to be revamped, then you’re probably right. Prolonging its service life any further will only add to the costs.

So, what can you do? Replace it with a brand new one? As tempting as that sounds, installing a new bathtub can be super-messy and time-consuming, and that too at an outrageous cost. So, what now? Is there an affordable way to turn it into a pristine, shiny, and smooth bathtub? Certainly!

If all you want to do is update an old bathtub without the accompanying cost, mess, and installation, then consider bathtub refinishing. This simple process can restore a new shine and add years of life to your bathtub. You might not be able to recognize your old bath anymore! Keep reading to learn how it works.

What Happens in the Bathtub Refinishing Process?

Bathtubs are renewed with a process called “reglazing”. It requires a few chemicals to strip off the peeling, worn-out layers of the bathtub and replace it with a smooth, shiny, and uniform surface. Ceramic, porcelain, fiberglass, and acrylics surfaces are all ideal candidates for refinishing.

Before starting, the refinishing expert will ensure that the bathroom has good ventilation. Open all the bathroom windows completely to make sure all the toxic fumes escape properly.

Next, all the surfaces surrounding the bathtub will be covered to prevent damage. The expert will strip off the old surface and start with a clean slate. The bathtub will then be smoothed out with a layer of sand to create an evened-out surface. This step will ensure that any cracks, chips, marks, and stains are removed.

Once the layering is complete, the bathtub is treated with a powerful chemical known as hydrofluoric acid to further cement the refinished layer. The process is then finished off with a primer, several coats, including 5-6 layers of finishing coats, to seal the new surface. Lastly, a thick layer of polish is applied to add a long-lasting, lustrous shine to the bathtub. Your tub will be ready to use after a few days.

 And, that’s it!

Damages That Refinishing Covers

Plenty. Refinishing your bathtub might just be the best-kept secret, especially because it’s so affordable. Reglazing can cover structural damages, worn-off coatings, watermarks, and stubborn stains. Over time, soap scum and dirt can be trapped in the uneven, rough surface of your bathtub.

If you have naughty kids, your bathtub may have chipped edges and cracks. Using harsh drain cleaners and detergents can also wreak havoc on the bathtub’s surface.

And, if nothing else, the tiles of your bathtub might just be losing their luster and shine because of age. Thankfully, all these damages can be refinished, recolored, resurfaced, and restored. The refinishing process can easily last you for 10-15 years!

How We Make a Difference

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