Tile Refinishing.

Do your bathroom’s unsightly tiles put you off using the facility? Has the color worn out and faded badly?

Bathroom tiles and walls deteriorate with time. Tiles may get chipped, cracked and even become stained, scratched, blanched and become difficult to clean. Initially, a full tile replacement was the answer to your problem. But with a costly procedure, many clients chose to live with a dull bathroom.

But don’t worry; Everglaze Coatings has the answer to your problem! For just a fraction of the replacement cost, we can restore, resurface, refinish, reglaze and recolor any tile or wall surface! And the best part? It’s a mess-free and no off-time job for our professionals!

If you break a tile or crack it by accidents, don’t worry! For our experts at Everglaze, it’s an easy feat. With great expertise, your bathroom will be transformed into the one you’ve been dreaming of! Don’t like the color? We’ve got recoloring experts. Don’t like the tiles at all or the black gunk between them? We’ve got a professional team that can morph the bathroom into a brand new one. Everglaze Coating services are one of the best in town, and we offer reglazing and refinishing for any and every tile – be it a bathroom, kitchen, laundry room and what not!

Quality Tile Workmanship Guaranteed

Everglaze (Baltimore, MD) is a fully licensed, bonded and insured organization. Our excellent ratings on trusted referral lists are testimony to our adequate prices and professional resurfacing services. Check out our Before and After collection of refinished tiles and walls – our work speaks for itself. With our long-term warranty, customers can be assured that they are working with the best. Our certified and trained employees know how to work with a large variety of finishes to turn your bathroom into an architectural wonder!

Care Instructions

Please allow the newly reglazed surfaces to cure for 48 hours before using. Avoid using corrosive or abrasive chemicals like Comet or Ajax. An ordinary or mild household cleaner is good to use. Our customer service is always available to answer questions about your newly refinished bathtub.

We also offer a non-slip shower bottom; the polymer particle sheet can be added during the reglazing process free of charge. Don’t forget to ask our experts for yours!

Get in touch with our experts to get a free consultation and price quote on your next bathroom project!