Crack & Chip Repair.

Are any hard surfaces at your office or home damaged? Are there chips, cracks and holes in your sinks and/or bathtubs? Do you hate the way your old fixtures look but are put off by the cost of replacement? Well now your worries are over!

At Everglaze Coatings, we have the best expertise and high grade materials to repair chips, holes, stains, unclean or discolored surfaces. With our professional quality refinishing, reglazing, restoring and resurfacing services, your fixtures will be looking brand new for just a tiny fraction of the replacement cost!

Our services are quick and efficient, and leave no mess, debris nor require any long hours of down time.

If your heart skips a beat if you accidentally damage any fixture in your bathroom at kitchen, there’s no need to get anxious. At Everglaze, our team is equipped to fix you up at a low price and quickly – it’s only a matter of a few hours for us! The quality of our reglazing service renews your fixtures as if they are brand new. The high grade materials we use also make your fixtures resilient to future damage, chips, cracks and holes.

Repair Services That Will Fit Easily Within Budget

For a small fraction of the cost of replacement, our repair experts can restore, refinish, reglaze, recolor and repair any type of surface, including: formica, metal, fiberglass, wood, ceramic, grout, plastics, laminates and porcelain. You’ll be saving tons of time and money, and will be able to use your equipment shortly afterwards – no down time!

High Quality Repair Service

With our long term warranty and using the highest quality of materials, our services are incomparable and our product has the quality of a brand new fixture. All our employees are certified, trained and very adept at resurfacing, restoring and reglazing any surface.

Everglaze (Baltimore, MD) is a fully licensed, bonded and insured organization. Our excellent ratings on trusted referral lists are testimony to our adequate prices and professional resurfacing services. Check out our Before and After collection of reglazed fixtures – our work speaks for itself. Customers can be assured that they are working with the best. Our certified and trained employees know how to work with a large variety of finishes, giving our clients zero stress about cracked or chipped sinks or bathtubs.

Consider getting your sink or bathtub refinished instead of replaced. You will be investing in a much more cost effective and lasting service, which will give you unmatched product and savings!

Care Instructions

Please allow the newly reglazed surfaces to cure for 48 hours before using. Avoid using corrosive or abrasive chemicals like Comet or Ajax. An ordinary or mild household cleaner is good to use. Our customer service is always available to answer questions about your newly refinished bathtub.

We also offer a non-slip shower bottom; the polymer particle sheet can be added during the reglazing process free of charge. Don’t forget to ask our experts for yours! Get in touch now!