Commercial Services.

Bathtub and tile refinishing is fast becoming the most effective and economical way for commercial businesses to maintain bathrooms. Aside from the aesthetic appeal, maintenance and housekeeping staff truly benefit from the process as cleaning becomes much easier and quicker since the dirt remains on the surface and is no longer absorbed.

Bathtub or sink replacements are no longer deemed necessary whilst remodeling hotels or apartments. The replenishing services we offer will remove all chips, stains, discoloration, scratches in very little time at a very low cost guaranteeing stunning results.
Our bathtub replenishing products allow work to be completed on all materials such as Fiberglass, ceramic, Porcelain, and Marble.

We promise a same day turnaround and would require no more then 3-5 hours to complete the work. Having just completed a decade of leading the market not only residentially but also commercially we hope to continue to satisfy our customers..