Prepare Your House for Resale – How Refinishing Your Kitchen and Bathroom Will Help.

If you’re planning on putting up your house for resale, you must make it attractive to potential buyers. Bathrooms and kitchens are the first things buyers look at during the home inspection. Refinishing your kitchen and bathroom or revamping the floors can add a brand new touch to your house.

Home improvement projects are extremely appealing and instantly add value to a living space. It may feel like an expensive investment at first; however, a pristine house with shiny, refinished kitchen and bathrooms is the quickest way to win the deal.

Buyers use the home inspection as a contingency before signing the contract. It gives them an opportunity to identify any defects or major issues before closing the deal. If you manage to secure their trust at this time, you can sell your property quickly and at a much higher value.

If you’re tight on a budget, refinishing your bathroom and kitchen countertops is a smart and affordable option. By adding a new, attractive surface, the entire look and feel of your house can change. Consider these perks of refinishing before putting up the sale sign.

1.   Conceals Any Flaws and Defects  

Refinishing starts by identifying and repairing the imperfections around the countertops, tiles, and bathtubs. Any unsightly defects like ridges, dings, or scratches are smoothed out, and replaced with a high-quality layering, and a solid surface.

Instead of going out to buy a new kitchen countertop or bathtub, refinishing can make the existing ones look brand new. Above all, the process can hide and repair any defects or flaws that could cost you a potential buyer.

2.   Is a Cost-Effective Way to Revamp Your House

As mentioned before, refinishing is the most cost-effective option for sellers who are tight on money and time. As long as the existing countertops are in good shape, they can be covered with a new surface to give your kitchen and bathroom a fresh look.

Professional refinishing is less costly than a full-fledged replacement. It increases the beauty of your home without having to spend a great deal of money. Above all, it lures in the right kind of buyers who are willing to pay for the added value.

3.   Increases the Service Life of Your Kitchen and Bath

As a worthwhile investment, refinishing is more than just hiding the flaws. It readily protects your countertops, tiles, and floors from defects, rusts, and scratches. The finish can make your bathtub and tiles look brand new and shiny. 

By adding a new layer, the process can add years of service life to your existing kitchen and bathrooms. This way, you’ll be spending less on repair and maintenance costs.

Kitchen and bathroom refinishing comes with various benefits, and is a particularly smart choice for people who are thinking of selling their property. To learn more about refinishing or re-glazing, visit our website by clicking here or call us at 410-391-2284 for a completely free estimate.