Kitchen Nightmares: Top 3 Countertop Problems and How to Fix Them.

Countertops play a pivotal role in kitchens as it is the site of all food preparation. It offers a space where you can take on your gastronomic cravings, or act as a crucial addition to the overall appeal of your kitchen. 

Seeing as it’s where all the action takes place, it’s exposure to heavy traffic and abuse can eventually wear down its durable design. Granite, quartz, and other countertops are tailored to withstand the heat – literally and figuratively. 

But they’re not impervious to damage, and when cracks start to show, the list below explores how you can deal with them in the future:

1. Cracked Countertop Surface 

Countertops are built to withstand heavy usage, but it can eventually give in and start to develop hairline cracks along the way. Many cracks appear when your countertop is supporting a heavy appliance, especially one that exerts high heat. 

Some experience ruptures due to an uneven surface, poorly crafted joints, or generally poor installation, all of which can result in your countertops breaking apart. 

This can be a major problem as it can harbor grime and loose food particles, creating the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Fortunately, a professional can easily solve the problem by using a filler material to seamlessly close the gaps. 

2. Water Damage 

Kitchens that have laminate or wooden countertops are the most vulnerable to water damage, especially the surfaces near your dishwasher or sink. Leaving wet spots to dry can facilitate mold growth, which can be detrimental to you and your family’s health. 

It can also cause the materials to warp, resulting in an uneven surface that makes meal preparations difficult. Water damage calls for immediate repair services from professionals! 

3. Discoloration and Chemical Stains 

Choosing the wrong cleaners for your countertop can lose its luster and leave unsightly, chemical stains all over the surface. Granite, for instance, can gradually lose its color when you constantly expose it to harsh cleaning solutions. 

Fortunately, you can easily cover up the problem by having an expert repaint or reglaze your kitchen countertops. Not only will this repolish the surface, but it can bring back its glimmer and preserve the quality of its shelf life. 

The Bottom Line: Refacing Your Kitchen Countertops To Boost Its Durability

Kitchen countertops see the most action in your household, so its quality has a direct impact on your cooking and dining experience. Beyond elevating the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen, it’s a highly functional component that should pack as much panache as it is practical. 

Dealing with countertop problems can cause major headaches down the line, but dealing with chips, cracks, scratches, stains, burns, and discoloration no longer has to result in an immediate replacement. With the help of our expert reglaze specialists in Baltimore, MD, we can breathe new life to your countertops in no time!

Get in touch with us to see how we can help repair, reglaze, refinish, and restore your kitchen countertops so they can look good as new without putting a strain on your wallet.