How to Care for Refinished Bathtubs & Restored Countertop Surfaces

How to Care for Refinished Bathtubs & Restored Countertop Surfaces.

If the plumbing fixtures and countertops in your bathroom or kitchen areas are beginning to stain and discolor, it may be time to restore them with a professional bathtub resurfacing service. When surfaces break, they become pitted and porous, which allows germs to deposit themselves and build up over time. Whereas replacing your sinks and tiles is an expensive option, refinishing your surfaces naturally will make them look brand new for much cheaper. 

That being said, neglecting these surfaces can lead to you having to restore them all over again. Read on for tips on how to care for and maintain your counters after getting them fixed.

Tip #1 – Use gentle cleaners as opposed to abrasive ones

Abrasive cleaners such as Ajax or Comet contain bleach and ammonia. While these ingredients are powerful cleaners, they’ll only wear down the finish of your freshly-restored bathtub, tiles, or vanities over time, which will leave them looking dull. Instead, use brands such as Windex, Dawn, or Mr. Clean, which are safe to use on refinished surfaces. If these aren’t available in your area, make sure to take note of the ingredients in cleaners that are available to you, and that they don’t contain bleach or ammonia. 

You can go over your surfaces once or twice a week with a wet washcloth. Avoid using cleaning tools like scratch pads and steel wool that can scratch or tear surfaces.

Tip #2 – Prevent scratches as much as possible

While you can’t keep an eye on all your surfaces 24/7, you can take extra precautions to prevent scratches by putting down pads or potholders to keep kitchen tools from directly touching your surfaces. When preparing food, always lay down a cutting board and kitchen towel. Use gentle microfiber cloth when wiping away food waste and remember to dry off your surfaces after soaking them with water to avoid rusting. 

Tip #3 – Repair leaks as soon as you spot them

Though it may not seem so, water can be an unforgiving enemy to refinished surfaces. The longer they have to build up, the more costly wearing and tearing surfaces become to repair or replace entirely. To avoid blemishes, dents, and cracks in your sink or bathtub, ensure that you immediately repair any loose faucets and drips. 

Tip #4 – Don’t use bath mats with suction cups

Bath mats with suction cups or adhesives may stick better, but combined with hot water, mats can easily remove any glossy finish you’ve recently applied. Instead, you can request your bathtub resurfacing service to apply a non-slip surface. That way, you won’t even need a bath mat, to begin with. 


Bathtub and countertop refinishing services can easily breathe new life to your household—but not if you’re forgetting to care for them afterward. You’ll always want to make sure you’re doing regular maintenance so as to preserve the glossy new appearance of all your surfaces. 

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