Getting Faster Sales and Better ROI with Bathtub Reglazing.

Selling property depends on several important factors. Location, for starters, is very important, and the quality and appearance of the property matters, too. But would you be willing to buy an unkempt home in a great location?

In order to make a home worth reselling and have a higher resale value, the property has to be in great shape. For many prospective tenants and buyers, the aesthetics of a property are quite the deal-breaker.

So what makes a good impression on a property buyer? Clean surfaces, of course! This is why real estate professionals work hard to maintain their properties’ fixtures.

A clean home makes a great first impression and helps boost sales, especially if your property’s bathrooms look great. Well kept bathrooms increase the property value.  Gleaming bathtubs, pristine taps and smooth countertops are all ways to sway buyers to come to a great offer.

Bathtubs as a Focal Point

Proper bathroom designing and architecture play an integral role in the visual appeal of the home and property aesthetics.

Experts know just how to arrange a bathtub in a bathroom to make it seem luxurious and visually inviting. Because bathtubs signify relaxation, experts know the importance of keeping them well maintained.

Choosing Bathtub Colors

Bath designers know how important a bathtub’s color and design are. Color trends are always changing, and this season the old pastel greens and pinks are over.

Worn out tubs are the worst for business. Old bathtubs give the impression of faulty and rusted plumbing and put off home buyers from making a purchase. Some buyers are also put off by the costs that they would have to incur to fix old bathrooms and get the fixtures redone from scratch because they cost quite a lot– after all, bathtub replacement is expensive. So how do you maintain these old bathtubs?

Replacing an old Bathtub is Not Cheap

Bathroom renovations can cost quite a lot. It’s not just the replacement of fixtures that you’re paying for; you’ll also be paying to have your plumbing redone, floors replastered and other hidden costs.

Total replacement can help to increase property value, but neither the process nor the price is a great return on investment. So if you’re looking to get your property appraised or to sell it, there is another economical and lasting process: Bathtub Refinishing.

Bathtub refinishing helps your old tub look brand new, and realtors and homeowners are now opting for this to get their homes ready for a show. It increases the longevity of the tub and also helps with staging.

Staging Your Home for Increased Resale Value and Quicker Sales

Realtors know how important first impressions are, despite the location of the property. Hence, they know how important staging is for a home appraisal. Staging is all about the visual impact of a property, which helps to sell it faster. It requires everything in your property to look clean, new and inviting.

An older home can be tweaked by redoing the kitchen with some modern granite tops, but what about the bathrooms? They’re the most important when it comes to staging. Bathrooms in old properties need to be redone to give an impression of fully-functioning facilities and beautiful aesthetics that invite buyers to make a deal. This can be achieved by reglazing or refinishing bathtubs and fixtures.

Refinished Bathtubs Add Value

Prospective buyers scrutinize every part of the property before settling. A newly finished bathtub is going to be one of the things they’ll remember about your listing. Refinished bathtubs have a smooth and fresh feel, which will appeal to buyers.

Chips, stains, rust and mold can affect the property value, even if found on your bathtub. Old bathroom fixtures like cast iron or enamel that are worn are also bad for commercial value. If your property stars vintage fixtures, it’s best to get them reglazed to make them look new and increase longevity.

Types of Bathtubs to Refinish Instead of Replacing

Bathtubs of any shape and size can be refinished. And truth be told, any and every type of bathtub can be reglazed. If a bathtub is worn but usable, it can be reglazed, unless rust and time have caused serious damage. Professionals at Everglaze have the materials to refinish any bathtub, including the following:

Standard Bathtubs: These are built into bathroom walls and connected to the plumbing via the walls. Hence, reglazing or refinishing these with newer colors, textures or finishes makes it an economical and super efficient process.

Corner Bathtubs: These are built into the corner of the bathrooms to conserve space, so replacing them can cause major structural damage that should be avoided. Refinishing such tubs renews their appearance and adds more value.

Free Standing Bathtubs: These sit-alone tubs are usually of the claw foot or vintage types and are the main candidates for refinishing services. To preserve the antiquity of the bathtub, reglazing services are much cheaper.

Jacuzzi Tubs: Having a Jacuzzi replaced can set you back financially because plumbing and installation are not cheap. Choosing to reglaze or refinish them is a better idea according to Everglaze.

The Process of Bathtub Refinishing

Experts at Everglaze use the best products in the market to give you quality service. Professional bathtub reglazing by Everglaze is a quick process, and with minimal downtime and mess, your fixtures look brand new.

Step #1: Protecting surrounding surfaces like the floor, metal fixtures, taps and drains.

Step #2: Cleaning out the tub to remove grime, film and contaminants.

Step #3: Applying etching chemicals to the surface to remove gloss and prepare the surface for work.

Step #4: Sanding and filing the surface to smoothen it.

Step #5: Applying several coats of new finish to create a hardened surface.

Step #6: Cleaning up debris, contaminants, and the bathroom floor.

Step #7: Giving you guidelines on after-care of the reglazed bathtub and how to avail our warranty 

The professional bathtub reglazing and refinishing experts at Everglaze are the best in Baltimore (MD). With satisfied clients and tons of commendations, our services are truly the best in increasing the value of your home and improving the longevity of your fixtures for nominal prices.

Homeowners who wish to sell or simply refurbish their homes enjoy Everglaze’s services. Our professionals know the ROI on reglazed surfaces and their payback rates. So if you’re looking to list your property or simply refinish your bathtub, fixtures and surfaces, get in touch with Everglaze experts for a free estimate and more information!