Cost Effective and High Quality Tile Refinishing.

When your tiles begin to look worn out and lose their vibrancy, it’s time to bring some freshness back to your space. The first thing you’ll probably consider is tile replacement – until you see how much the process costs! The price of tile replacements services is enough to discourage anyone to stick to their worn out tiles. However, there is another way to renovate your tiles without compromising on quality and budget.

Tile Refinishing is becoming a popular service because of how cheap these services are. In fact, the equipment and materials needed to refinish tiles have greatly improved, resulting in better finish, shine, quality and durability of your surfaces. The tile finishing process is a short one; it has minimal downtime and hardly creates any mess, and let’s not forget that it costs a fraction of what tile replacement does!

There are various ways to go about tile refinishing. You could either paint your tiles to give them a fresher look or even refinish them entirely to renew the surface and quality. However, painting isn’t a long-term solution because it doesn’t last long and neither does it refresh the material. The best way is to refinish your tiles altogether.

Before beginning tile refinishing, it’s best to cover surfaces with a protective material before prepping your tiled surface. The second step is to sand your tiled bathtub to smoothen the surface and repair any cracks or damages. After this, let the surface cure for 24 hours after applying the appropriate products.

The end result will absolutely stun you. Take it from the experts at Everglaze; tile refinishing gives new life to your floors and fixtures and is a renovation option! Whether you’re looking to change the color or simply refresh your tiles, tile refinishing is worth the investment!