4 Reasons NOT to Use Bathtub Liners.

Bathtub liners give your bathtubs a temporary facelift. They can cover up unsightly cracks or discolorations, and are one of the economical options of refurnishing bathroom fixtures.

Although bathtub liners can save money on tub replacement or bathroom renovations, there are some facts to know before choosing a bathtub liner instead of refinishing or reglazing it.

Here’s Why You Should Rethink Getting a Bathtub Liner:

1.   Liners don’t solve underlying issues

A liner just covers the surface of your bathtub. Sure, the blemishes, cracks, and peels are covered, but it won’t cover up the fact that you may need to really fix your fixtures. In fact, the longer you leave the liner/skin on, the more you could exacerbate the problem.

2.   Liners trap water

Trapped water is the worst. It can breed mold and even harbor tons of bacteria that are really harmful. The problem with using bathtub liners is that there is a high chance that water can get in between the liner and the tub, which can result in mildew or mold tarnishing the surface even further.

3.   Liners don’t provide a good sensory feeling

Liners don’t give your bathtub the smooth and pristine feel that a refinished bathtub surface gives. Many people who use liners complain of the spongy feeling where skin comes into contact with the liner, and some even have problems finding a sturdy grip to stand on.

4.   Liners are not cheap

Contrary to popular belief, bathtub liners are actually pricier than bathtub refinishing. On top of that, they may make quite a mess if you try to apply them on your own and the process can prove quite cumbersome.

So what options do you have besides bathtub liners? Bathtub refinishing or bathtub reglazing, of course!

Here is a photo taken by our Everglaze tech, Bobby Boonnoi, showing how damaged a tub can get after removing a bathtub liner (photo above).

Here is photo of the same tub refinished by our expert (photo above)

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Hiring an Everglaze professional to take care of your bathtub refinish has lasting results. You’ll be left with a smooth, shiny, and highly durable product.

Once your tub has been reglazed, it becomes durable, looks glossy and looks brand new! Fusing non-toxic and top of the line products, our professionals give your bathtub the facelift it deserves. And the best part is that there’s no downtime and there’s minimal mess!

For just a small price, you’re getting convenience and quality.

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