5 Signs to Determine It’s Time for a Kitchen Remodel.

When it comes to home improvement projects, one of the biggest you can take on is a kitchen remodel in terms of investment and disruption. That’s why you don’t want to get into it unless you have a good reason to do so. Given that the kitchen is the heart of the home, a kitchen remodel will indeed be a life-changing experience for everyone. This is because the space is usually used to prepare a hearty meal or to engage in conversations with the family. 

If you are wondering when you should take on a kitchen remodel, here are five signs to look out for: 

The Tiles Are Cracked Or Broken

Broken or cracked tiles are an eyesore. If you have many of these unsightly fixtures in your kitchen, then it’s best to replace them. Indeed, many homeowners delay the kitchen remodel because tile replacement is one of the messiest and tedious tasks. The thing is, these broken tiles, when replaced, can breathe new life into your kitchen. Moreover, if you want the tile replacement to be less disruptive, consider other options, such as resurfacing, that will be less invasive. 

The Kitchen’s Design Is Impractical

When you first moved in, you probably didn’t invest so much time in remodeling the kitchen. Suppose months or even years have passed by, and your needs have changed. Perhaps, you spend more time in the kitchen, or your family is growing. Whatever the reason is, if the design is no longer working for you, then it’s seriously time for a kitchen remodel. This is because you will want a kitchen that will allow you to maximize the space and provide you with ultimate functionality to make the most out of your kitchen. 

There Is Not Enough Moving Space

Your kitchen should be spacious enough to allow at least two people to move around the area comfortably. However, when you hit your foot on the table or wait for the person to finish cooking so that you can wash the dishes, you have a big problem. In such cases, you should analyze the space and identify the fixtures that can be given up or redesigned in such cases. You might also find some things that will add more space to your kitchen if expansion isn’t an option. 

There Is Not Enough Storage Space

We are now living in a minimalistic time where less is always more – less clutter and more storage space. Gone are the days when all of the kitchen equipment and other stuff are out in the open. Today, the more that they are stored and out of sight, the better. This is because clutter is a serious distraction, which can affect your mental health. 

Make your kitchen clean and organized at all times by adding more storage spaces. If you find that there is more stuff displayed on your kitchen countertops, then it’s time you find them a dedicated space to stay hidden until they’re needed. 

The Kitchen Is Dark

Your kitchen should bask in natural light as much as possible. Aside from being a place where you prepare meals for the family, it’s also a place where you can entertain your guests. If the kitchen is too dark, then consider changing that by painting the room light, or if you can, allow more natural light in. Keep in mind that a dark kitchen isn’t an appealing kitchen!


Your kitchen remodel doesn’t have to be time-consuming or even expensive. Every kitchen is unique, and you have your preferences as well. Based on the five signs mentioned above, you now know when to opt for a kitchen remodel. If you want to breathe new life to your kitchen, you can even focus on the countertops as they will easily enhance the space’s appeal. 

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