4 Tips to Get Your Bathroom Remodeled in Half the Time.

Most homeowners tend to overlook how integral a well-furnished bathroom can be for their living space. If you’re planning on renting or selling your place, consider upgrading your bathroom. Just like your kitchen, your bathroom should reflect your personal style. It should have the right amenities, fixtures, and a sophisticated design that instantly grabs attention. When a potential buyer inspects your house, they will almost always check the bathroom and the kitchen. These are two of the most important aspects that determine how well-maintained your house is.

Getting your bathroom remodeled can drastically improve its appearance and make it look brand new again. However, a typical remodel can take up to 3-4 weeks, which is a lot of time if you’re planning on getting the sale board up.

Don’t worry though. There are plenty of smart ways to cut that bathroom remodeling time in half. And, here’s a guide to help you do just that.

1.   Consider Bathtub Refinishing Instead of Replacement

Replacing a bathtub, buying a new one, and getting it installed can significantly add to both time and costs. Even if you’re installing a new bathtub on the same location, the process will be time-consuming. Even when bathtubs are typically inexpensive, costing you anywhere from $200-$2000, disposing them or tearing them from the wall and floor can delay the remodeling timeline.

A great alternative that can chop the remodeling time in half is bathtub refinishing. If your existing bathtub is chipped, stained, or looks damaged, don’t waste time in a full-fledged demolition. Simply, invest in bathtub refinishing to cover up any stains, cracks, or imperfections. And, the best part? It only takes a day to get the job done!

2.   Add New Bath Fixtures

Once the refinishing is completed, go ahead and add a new shower, bath curtain, or even a tub trim. If you wish, you may also add a stylish shower column. Such quick changes can do wonders for your new bathtub. They can add a fresh look without having to spend a lot of money or time.

3.   Transform the Layout

Changing the layout of your bathroom is going to be time-consuming anyway. However, you can expedite the process by keeping the toilet and the bathtub in the same location. If you move them around, you’ll be adding unnecessary hours to the remodeling schedule.

You will have to get the tiles and floors renovated and put up with endless plumbing operations before the final layout is materialized. When both the bathtub and toilet are in the same location, they will be linked to a downpipe through various horizontal pipes that are fixed along a downward slope. This is done to avoid backups.

However, if you do want to make a few changes, consider moving the cabinets or sink, or adding accessories to your bathroom.

4.   Get Your Tile Wall Refinished

Replacing your tiles will require a lot of work and time. You might also have to put up with drilling and plumbing alterations, which can prolong the completion. A great way to make your tiles look fresh and brand new is to get them re-finished. If there are only a few tiles that are chipped or damaged, simply get them replaced and the remaining tiled wall refinished.

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