4 Questions to Help You Choose the Best Bathtub Refinishing Company.

Installing a new a bathtub can be extremely expensive and at times, unnecessary. Bathtub refinishing, on the other hand, is extremely affordable. Professional refinishing transforms your bathtub from old and stained to smooth and lustrous in a single day.

Whether you want to replace countertops, sinks, tiles, or any other fixtures in the house, refinishing is a cost-saving and professional alternative you should definitely consider. However, not every refinishing company is experienced and skilled.

Many things underlie the credibility of a refinishing company. Years of experience, insurance certificates, and technical skills are just a few. Here we give you 4 tips that will help you choose the best bathtub refinishing company.

1.   How Long Has Their Experience Been in the Refinishing Industry?

Before settling on a refinishing company, consider this – how long have they been in the business? Are they a well-known name? Chances are if they have years of refinishing and refurbishing experience under their belt, they’ll be a popular name.

However, if a refinisher has just started their business, you might want to skip them. Choose a company that has at least three decades’ worth of experience. The more clients they’ve worked with, the greater their knowledge will be on how to refurbish and revamp different styles of countertops and bathrooms.

2.   Do They Have the Right Certifications and Insurance to Carry Out the Job?

Before hiring anyone for a home improvement project, always check if they’re licensed and insured. Even when refinishing is typically a single-day job, it involves a number of complex tasks and equipment. Unless a contractor is insured, if they end up in an accident on your premises, you’ll be responsible for the damage.

Working without a license is also a serious offense. A license of refinishing ensures that the contractor has all the necessary skills, technical training, and legal permission to carry out the job. It lends credibility and professionalism to their portfolio.

3.   What is the Quality of the Materials They’re Using?

The mark of a professional bathtub refinishing company is that they always use high-quality, durable, and certified materials on the job. High-quality grade top coatings dry up within a day. If the glazing materials aren’t top-notch, your bathtub will quickly lose its luster and newness.

If your refinisher tells you it’s going to take longer, they’re probably using low-grade materials.  To ensure this, ask them how long the coating typically takes to dry off and details of the procedure from start to finish. If the refinisher is confident, they will provide you actual samples or show videos on how they carry out the refinishing job.  

4.   What Kind of Warranty Do They Offer?

Know what the warranty of the refinishing project comprises. Better yet, get a written contract about it. If you think the warranty won’t last more than two years or makes unrealistic promises, skip that refinishing company. A professional refinishing company is always realistic and gives you up to 5  years of certified warranty.

What Makes Us Different

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