4 Harmful Practices That Are Ruining Your Kitchen Countertops.

While most countertops are built to withstand daily tasks like food preparation, it is important to realize that some practices can actually lead to premature deterioration and long-term damage. For this reason, you need to stop making these habits to your kitchen countertop immediately if you want to keep using them for longer. 

In this article, we will share four harmful practices that are actually ruining your kitchen countertop: 

1. Leaving hot pots and pans directly on the countertop 

Depending on the materials used, some countertops will be more heat resistant than others. For example, wood and laminate materials will easily scar or melt. While granite and marble will be more resistant to heat, a high enough temperature will still eventually burn through. It is always best to use trivets or pot holders to protect your countertops to ensure their structural integrity. 

2. Using your countertop as an oversized chopping board 

Many homeowners often unwittingly use their countertops as chopping boards, oblivious to the damage that they are actually causing. Wood and laminate are particularly vulnerable as their surfaces are generally softer than metal knives. However, depending on the metal used for your knives, your granite and marble surfaces are not safe either. 

If you are not causing scratches to the countertop itself, you are most definitely damaging your knife. You could even be chipping at the waterproof sealant, making your countertop more vulnerable to stains and water damage over time. This is why you should keep your knives to the chopping board to avoid any unwanted potential damage. 

3. Not using spoon rests 

Some stains will be more difficult to clean than others, and while you will be able to wipe most stains from laminate, wood will be most vulnerable to stains with their porous surfaces. A spoon rest will ensure that the stains don’t touch your countertop’s surface in the first place so that its integrity won’t be compromised. 

4. Leaving spills to dry 

Some countertops will be much more vulnerable to spills than others. Granite countertops, while particularly hardy, are vulnerable to acidic substances, such as vinegar, citrus juices, and carbonated drinks. The same is true for wood, as acidic substances can easily melt the glue holding its pieces together.

Your granite countertop will benefit from an annual application of granite sealant, while your wood countertop will appreciate a monthly mineral oil wipe down. Food-grade mineral oil will help moisturize the wood and keep it from cracking, which is characteristic of dried wood. 

Can a damaged countertop be repaired? 

It’s always best to prevent the occasions that cause the need for costly repairs from happening in the first place. However, if the damage has already been done or you moved to a home with the countertop already in place, you may contact counter refinishing companies to help you breathe life back into the countertops. At the same time, make sure to do your homework and ensure that they are able to service the specific material of your countertop. 


Countertops are indispensable for the American home. A well-constructed countertop, regardless of the materials used, will serve you well if you exercise caution in using it. For this reason, you should be aware of the practices that may cause damage to your countertop and put a stop to them as soon as possible to avoid the cost of repairs or worse, replacements. 

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