3 Problems Resurfacing Cannot Fix.

Resurfacing is one of the most efficient ways to renovate your bathroom and kitchen fixtures. It gives you a brand new surface within hours, and there’s minimal mess and no downtime – all for a small price. Even Angie’s List confirms that resurfacing is only a fraction of the remodeling cost!

However, there’s a catch. Although resurfacing and reglazing services are great to revamp your old fixtures and help reverse a number of issues, there is a limitation. Because reglazing and resurfacing services work on the original surface, there must be no severe damage to it. The following are major issues pointing towards tub replacement.

1.   Cracks in Fiberglass Fixtures

Unfortunately, bathtubs and shower pans made from fiberglass are very prone to cracking. The first type of crack, which is the web-like crack, can be corrected with resurfacing as the gel coat can be replenished, sealed and repaired. However, old fiberglass fixtures can have stress cracks which separate the surface. Since resurfacing is a cosmetic procedure, structural cracks like these cannot be repaired, although some companies offer a temporary fix using pressure absorbing foam. Ultimately, fiberglass fixtures with stress cracks have to be replaced.

2.   Cracks in Grout Lines

Are there areas on your tiles where the grout is constantly cracking despite constant replacement? Have you spent a lot of money trying to contain the damage but the cracks keep reappearing? This could mean that the foundation of your house is settling with age and pressure shifts are causing such stress cracks. Although we offer re-grouting services, it’s just a temporary fix for the major problem. If there are structural cracks in your walls or floors, reglazing is only a short-term fix and we would not recommend resurfacing the surface at all.

3.   Rust Coming From Behind the Bathtub

Rust becomes a chronic problem once it begins. Refinishing your bathtub or shower pan can extend the usability of your fixtures, but it’s just a short-term solution. Surface rust can be corrected with reglazing services, but the rust that comes from holes or from underneath the tub is more challenging. It’s a good idea to monitor your freshly reglazed surface after the rust has been removed to check for more new formations. However, if rust has been a persistent problem, the sustainable and healthy solution would be to replace the bathtub altogether.

High Quality Refinishing Service

Everglaze is a licensed, bonded and insured organization. Our high ratings on trusted referral lists are proof of our adequate prices and professional resurfacing services. With our long term warranty and use of high quality material, our services and products are incomparable. Our employees at Everglaze are certified, trained and very adept at resurfacing, refinishing and reglazing any surface.

Consider getting your sink or bathtub refinished if there are no structural damages; it costs only a fraction of the replacement cost!