3 Key Reasons to Refinish Your Bathroom Vanity.

Vanity is one of the centerpieces of a bathroom. It consists of both a sink or basin and storage for hygiene products, toiletries, and medications. With cabinetry designed to hold a countertop and conceal plumbing, it can serve your bathroom needs regularly.

There is a wide range of bathroom vanities that come in various materials, models, and designs in the market. When it comes to materials, you may probably have the stone, cement, wood, or laminate installed. As far as designs are concerned, you may have a traditional, modern, French provincial, art decor, or minimalist design.

If you have a bathroom vanity installed at home, it may already look unsightly and may not be highly functional. If that’s the case, here’s why you should consider refinishing your bathroom vanity.

1. Enhanced aesthetics

When you first purchased your home, you may have had a traditional model for your bathroom vanity. As time goes by, however, you have made a few renovations here and there. Your bathroom is no exception, and your vanity may probably look rather old and outdated by now. You may see a few scratches, dents, and damages on the surface.

Why not give your vanity a facelift? Vanity refinishing is a cost-effective way to overhaul the existing countertop and cabinet in your bathroom. Applying a new finish can surely turn your vanity from a drab model into an exquisite one. Overall, a refinished vanity can take your bathroom’s aesthetics up a notch.

2. Improved functionality

A bathroom vanity is exactly what it sounds—allowing you to give in to your vanity. Through the sink and countertop, you can perform your daytime and nighttime rituals. The cabinet also conceals the plumbing fixtures and serves as storage for your hygienic products, medicines, and other essentials. The problem, however, is that the countertop may no longer be smooth and clean. The same is true for your dilapidated cabinetry.

That said, it’s best to get your vanity fixed and completely refinished. In doing so, you will not only improve the looks of your vanity and the appearance of your bathroom, but you can increase the overall functionality of your bathroom vanity.

3. Increased value of your property

A refinished bathroom vanity isn’t only a way to improve your bathroom’s visual appeal and usability. It is also an excellent way to increase the value of your property. As it serves as a centerpiece of your bathroom, as simple as vanity can augment the actual selling price of your home. 

In fact, many homebuyers examine the bathrooms and consider them as a determining factor in purchasing a house. That said, refinish your vanity and sell your home at a competitive market price.


Vanity ought to serve your bathroom needs and enhance your bathroom aesthetics. If it’s already damaged and outdated, it’s time to give it a fresh look and boost its function by refinishing it. 

Overall, a refinished bathroom vanity can improve the aesthetics of your bathroom, maximize the functionality of your storage needs, and increase the overall value of your property.

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