3 Benefits of Refinishing Your Laminate Countertop.

Laminate countertops are a beautiful and useful addition to any home. In contrast to other materials commonly used for countertops, laminates are cost-efficient, durable, easy to clean, and resistant to stain and heat. Aside from that, they come in numerous designs, allowing you to pick out the perfect one for your home!

However, due to normal wear and tear, there will come a time when your once beautiful laminate countertop will eventually need some servicing. Depending on the exact condition of your countertop, you will want to consider refinishing or replacing the countertop altogether. 

Fortunately, most kinds of damage caused by wear and tear are capable of being resolved through refinishing. You just need to find a dependable countertop refinishing company to do the job. In doing so, you should look for the following: 

  • Warranty – Companies who uphold the highest sense of workmanship are not afraid of standing by their work. Look for companies that will offer at least five years of warranty, even if it costs you a little more! Remember, having your countertop refinished multiple times in a short while will end up being a bigger drain to your funding.
  • Testimonials – Most companies will happily display reviews from satisfied customers on their website and social media profiles. However, you can verify these claims by trying to look for actual people who have experienced their service. 
  • Free Estimates – Offering free estimates is very common in the industry. Unfortunately, so is the practice of displaying lower costs at the beginning and changing them up when the customer is already committed. You should be wary of companies that offer deceptively low pricing at the onset. 

Here are three advantages of having your trusty countertop refinished by a reputable countertop refinishing company.


The most obvious advantage of a refinish is the fact that it is cheaper than replacement. Most of the time, damage done to countertops are merely superficial. This is especially true for laminate countertops, which are made of inexpensive materials that are easily reconstituted to look brand new. 

Shorter Downtime 

Refinishing a countertop can be done in two days or less, depending on the extent of the damages.  And when they are done, they will look as good as the day when you had them first installed. 

Meanwhile, a replacement will take longer due to fabrication, installation, and plumbing adjustments, among others. This means that your kitchen will stay unusable for a longer period.


Since the refinishing process is generally shorter, it will also mean less noise, construction debris, and cost to deal with. Opting for a refinish will allow you to resume normal kitchen operations faster with less fuss. 


Provided that you still love the original of your countertop, it’s best to refinish it. This is applicable for homeowners who prefer privacy and peace of mind. However, this is especially true for food establishments such as restaurants and cafeterias, who only have two days at most to dedicate for maintenance. Provided that you are able to hire the right countertop refinishing service, a refinished countertop will serve you for several years to come. 

Everglaze Coatings provides refinishing services for laminate countertops in Baltimore, Maryland. We also do crack and chip repairs and provide refinishing for baths, showers, and tiles using our patented glazing process. Contact us today and get a free estimate!