Why You Should Choose Countertop Refinishing over Countertop Replacement.

If your countertop looks dull with stains and a few cracks here and there, you have two options. First, you could get a countertop replacement, which of course comes with extraordinary costs. Or, you could get the existing one revamped.

The latter is an obvious choice for homeowners looking to cut costs. However, a kitchen counter-top is the focal point of your house. Settling for poor restoration would mean greater costs in the future. And, this is where refinishing comes in.

By replacing the stained and damaged layers with a pristine, smooth, and well-polished surface, refinishing can turn your existing countertop into a brand new one. And, the best part? It’s amazingly affordable.

Here are the top reasons why professional countertop refinishing is ultimately better than a full-fledged replacement.   

1.   Ridiculously Low Costs

The low costs are the biggest advantage of refinishing. A homeowner can save up to 70-75% of the initial cost by opting for refinishing. The process uses raw materials and tools that strengthen and consolidate the original countertop surface.

This helps prolong its shelf life at a much lower cost than having to buy a brand new countertop. Refinishing also greatly reduces the costs of yearly repairs. It’s certainly a great return on a one-time investment. 

Economical Quotes

While resurfacing is less costly than replacement, another benefit is the flat rate prices. Most refinishing companies are quite upfront with their quotes during the first consultation. And, since the quotes are usually low and affordable, you won’t have to bargain much for signing the contract. There are no additional fees with refinishing as it’s a one-time, hassle-free investment.

2.   Extremely Quick Installation

Countertop replacements are super-messy as they require tearing out the old counter, carrying it away, and hauling in a new countertop. This is definitely not a one-day job. Refinishing, however, is. A good countertop resurfacing company will complete the process within 24 hours with zero demolition or mess.

The biggest risk with countertop replacement is the damage done to the kitchen floor and surrounding cabinets. If they’re newly installed, replacements can be risky, which is why remodeling is a budget-friendly and hassle-free solution.

3.   Safe for the Environment

Countertop refinishing is a pollution-free method of restoring your kitchen. Replacements come with toxic fumes and harsh chemicals that pollute the environment. Remodeling, on the other hand, repairs blemished, cracks, and stains on the existing surface without any environmental waste. Above all, it eliminates the need to toss away a countertop that can easily look good with a few repairs.

4.   Aesthetic Appearance

Refinishing can efficiently transform even the most lackluster countertops. If you want a glossy, natural stone countertop in your kitchen, refinishing can help you do that. Instead of splurging on a brand new one, get your existing one remodeled into a sleek stone countertop at a fraction of the cost.

We Can Help You

Refinishing is a complex job and only a team of professional experts can deliver the results. We, at Everglaze, are committed to delivering excellent refinishing to make your countertop brand new and beautiful again. Get in touch with us by clicking here or call us at 410-391-2284 to talk to our representatives!