Renovate Your Rental Property with Affordable Countertop Refinishing.

Anyone who owns a rental property will know how important the upkeep and maintenance is. You need to keep the countertop, floors, walls, and windows in top condition; otherwise, you could risk losing your rental’s value.

Rental maintenance takes up a big chunk of your time and money. Your property needs year-round vigilance, which can get a little heavy on the bank. For this reason, countertop refinishing is a wise and smart option.

Countertop refinishing allows you to renew your property without spending a hefty amount. Plus, your renters and potential buyers are also going to love your place. Here’s why you should seriously consider it.

1.  Add Value without the Extraordinary Price

A new countertop can possibly cost you a fortune. As a landlord, keeping the property up-to-date while managing your budget should be a top priority. Countertop refinishing allows you to revamp and refurbish your existing property without over-spending on an overhaul.

Getting a new countertop can be extremely expensive, time-consuming, and takes days to finish up. Tearing out the countertop and installing a new one can also damage the surrounding property. For a landlord, this can spell a bigger problem.

Through countertop refinishing, you can get a modern and attractive-looking property at a fraction of the cost.

2.  A Quick Remodel Before the Next Tenant Arrives

If your tenant is leaving today, it won’t be late before the next one arrives. In such less time, a full-fledged renovation isn’t practical or possible. Countertop refinishing, however, is. This is because it only takes a few hours or a day to refurbish and revamp an old countertop.

Since the kitchen and bathroom are the focal aspects of a rental inspection, the sooner the refinishing is done, the better it will be. You won’t have to extend your tenant’s arrival because of a time-consuming renovation project.

3.  Repair the Damage Quickly and Effectively

If the kitchen countertop has stains, scratches, or marks, you might be tempted to get a new one installed. However, there’s a quicker way to nip the damages in the bud. The refinishing process transforms old, dull, and damaged surfaces with a clean, fresh layer.

It effectively covers all the cracks, scratches, and burn marks. The result? A shiny, brand-new countertop that will please your tenants! Above all, refinishing is the best way to make your cheap countertops look premium and high-end. A pristine-looking property will also convince your tenants to pay a higher property!

4.  Put Your Property up on Sale in Due Time

If the buyer’s season is at its peak, the last thing you would want is a delay in putting your property on the market because of ongoing construction. If you want your space to look well-furnished and brand new, you can easily opt for refinishing. This way, you can put up your house on sale for a profitable deal.

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As you can see, countertop refinishing is a smart, worthwhile investment that can add great value to your rental property. When it comes to high quality refinishing, you can leave the job up to Everglaze. With a professional and skilled team, we can transform your property with expert countertop refinishing! Get in touch with us by clicking here or call us at 410-391-2284 to talk to our representatives!