Give Your Old Countertops a Natural Stone Look!

Everglaze Coatings can give your existing countertop a natural stone look or glazed finish that is elegant, inexpensive and easy to maintain.

      • Fraction of the cost Vs. Replacement
      • Fraction of the time Vs. Replacement
      • 100% ¬†Satisfaction Guarantee
      • Choose from a variety of designer colors
      • Long lasting great looking finish

Maybe You Just Don't Like The Color?

With our cure and patented adhesive coating, We are able to change the color of your Tub, Tile, or Countertops!

Repair Damaged Surfaces

Reglazing can correct all of these problems. Everglaze Professionals Can repair any chipped or damaged areas.

Reglaze Don't Replace

Why Replace that old bathtub , sink or tile just because their color is outdated or the surface is worn out?

At a Fraction of Replacement Cost..

We can make them look like new again, IN ANY COLOR!!

Safe for Your Family & Pets

Everglaze Professionals use positive ventilation systems to remove any dust or overspray immediately from the areas.

Safe for Surrounding Fixtures

We cover and protect all adjacent fixtures and surfaces

New Look in Only Hours

Not Days! Reglazing a surface takes just a few hours. We can reglaze your entire bathroom in less than one day!

Ready to Use in as little as 4 hours!

Generally reglazing will dry and be ready for your use in 24 hours. Upon request, we can accommodate you with a 4-hour cure product that will allow you to use your fixture the same day!